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Readiness for School Program

Drummond runs a readiness for school program two days per week called the Transition Class. It is open to children who will be attending kindergarten at Drummond the following year.

In the class we do language activities where we explore our world through books and games designed to expand student's vocabulary and encourage their confidence in speaking. We do fine motor activities to improve hand eye coordination in readiness for learning to read and write next year in kindergarten. Gross motor activities are designed to continue to develop physical abilities in the children.

We are following the Tucabia program for gross motor which focuses on balance, coordination and spatial awareness. The children love these activities as they help burn up some of that beautiful energy that these students have as well as being game based.

The Transition program is closely aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia designed to extend and enrich children's learning from birth to five years. We work closely with the Early Childhood teacher who is based at Drummond school she provides our students with stimulating strategies to use in classroom and in the playground. It is the Department of Education and Communities standard for all early childhood services.  

We participate with the whole school for early morning lines, all food and play breaks as well as accessing the library later in the year. The Transition students play with Drummond students, becoming friends with their peers who will share their schooling journey.

At the end of the year all students receive a portfolio of artworks and photos of their time in Transition class.